1. Can I join the Racing Team at any time?

Yes, provided you meet all the requirements to join the team. The monthly membership fee is 19,90 €. If you join the team during the year, you only pay for the remaining months of the calendar year. 

2. What training options exist to help me meet the BTC time standards?

Outside of the monthly Open Track Session and Open Sunday Long Runs, BTC offers Online Coaching and Personal Training to help you discover your potential. We also invite you to explore runningcrews.com and this shared google calendar (Link will follow), which gives you visibility to group training hosted by the various Berlin Run Crews.

3. Why are there temporal standards?

Our goal is to give ambitious runners in Berlin the opportunity to train and improve under conditions that a professional athlete would experience. The time standards ensure that all runners in the racing team are in the same zone of development, ultimately encouraging athletes to push each other to higher levels of ability.

4. What if I don't have 5 or 10 km time yet?

If you are confident in your ability to join the team but do not have a 5K or 10k standard you can schedule a trial training and elect time trial. Alternatively If you have never run a 5 or 10km race before, but think you can run the time standards with a little bit of conditioning, you are welcome to complete a trial month. At the end of the month you'll have an opportunity to meet the respective 5K time standard. In both cases enter "Time Trial" in the contact form in the in field "5 or 10km PB". „Time Trial“ im Kontaktformular im Feld  „5 oder 10km PB“ an.

5. What are your training days and times?

The team typically meets Wednesday from 6:30pm, Saturday and Sunday from 9:50 am. Times are subject to change. If you are running late to a session it is a courtesy to text our group chain. We normally have a 10 minute window for athletes to arrive and get changed before the warmup.

6. What if I cannot make the 3 weekly BTC sessions, can I still be a part of the team?

While membership is not conditional on attendance at every session we strongly stand by the notion of consistent participation being instrumental to building cohesiveness and fostering improvement. Missing a day due to a work obligation is one thing while never coming to a Sunday run is contradictory to building a team dynamic. For this, we encourage prospective runners to consider their ability to commit to regularized training before joining the team.  

7. How is BTC different to joining an official DLV Club?

Whereas a DLV club caters to all disciplines of track and field, BTC is an independent team designed with the intention of bringing ambitious middle to long distance runners within the same development zone to train and race together and grow as an athlete but also a person. At BTC the team is the star not an individual athlete. 

8. Without official DLV status can you compete in official German championship events?

Yes, for an extra approx. 5 Euros to your monthly membership, BTC can grant you affiliation with a DLV club that permits you to train permanently with BTC and wear our uniform for most events.  

9. If I’m currently with a DLV club, can I join BTC?

Yes, so long as your club is open to the idea of you training with BTC instead of club trainings. In this case the BTC Racing Team can provide a supplementary platform for club runners who don’t have a cohesive distance running group in their respective club.  

10. If I’m affiliated with a specific Run Crew can I join BTC?

Yes, similar to DLV clubs, your crew needs to be open to you training with BTC instead of crew trainings. We realize and respect that many runners enjoy the social aspects of crew affiliation but at the same time benefit from the camaraderie of being in a group that coaches you to go a little harder and faster.  

11. With many races cancelled due to the Corona Virus, what is the BTC Racing Team training for?

Competition is a vital part of our identity. For this, BTC in spite of race cancellations has and will continue to devise time trails and unique unofficial races to gauge the progress of our athletes.

1. Are pace groups or pace coaches at the Open Track Session?

Prior to the start of the session, Coach Benny and Brian will prescribe pace groups. These smaller groups will work together to support each other and share the pacing duties.

2. What if I am not able to complete the workout? 

Coach Benny and Brian will be monitoring the progress of each runner and will be able to provide on the spot modifications to suit your level of ability.

3. If I cannot make it or don’t live in Berlin, can I participate virtually? 

Yes, the track session will be posted directly after the Open Track Session, around 9:30pm Berlin time on our Instagram story. Feel free to share your session with us @berlintrackclub.racingteam


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