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Digital training Strength Training for Runners

Strength Training for Runners

Save yourself the trip to the gym and still get the necessary portion of motivation. Our new format offers you virtual strength and athletic training for runners. Live in a group with guidance from a trainer.

28,00 – 72,00 €

(Access to 2, 4 or 6 sessions)

Product details 

  • Strength exercises especially for runners
  • No equipment necessary
  • Virtual group training with a coach via video-call
  • Duration: 1 hour (incl. warm up and stretching)
  • Time saving, effective and motivating


  • Every Monday at 6:45 p.m.
  • With Coach Benny or Coach Flo

Digital strength training for runners - how it works

There are runners who just want to run and don't want to hear about strength or stretching exercises. Putting on shoes, going out and running is just cool and doing a strength training plan alone monotonously on the mat or on machines is not really fun.

But we know better: Strength training is so important to have fun running in the long run! Strong leg muscles and a stable core are, along with the right mileage, the best prevention against typical runner injuries.

A stable core also helps to run more economically and thus to keep a higher pace in competition for longer - true to our motto "Stable to the finish".

But don't worry, we don't want you to join the gym. We want to offer you a solution that motivates with the help of group dynamics and is optimal for runners with the guidance of a trainer. And all this without spending much time and simply at home. Become a better and more complete runner and prevent injuries.


Get Video Call Link

After your booking you will receive a Lifesize-Link for the Video-Call (no registration necessary) by email.

Dial into Live Session

Simply dial into any session with your mobile phone or laptop. The link remains the same for all sessions.

Get started and train

The coach leads through the program. For an optimal experience including feedback from the coach, we recommend switching on the camera.

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