Coach Benny is taking Blood of an athlete during the lactate level test leistungstest

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Lactate Performance Test

Test your endurance and train efficiently and purposefully. After the multi-stage performance test, we analyse the results and give you a first trend directly afterwards. You will receive the detailed results with the respective training areas by email a few days later. These then serve as a basis for your further training.

99,90 €

Product details

  • Determination of your endurance level under practical conditions
  • Basis for an optimal planning of your training
  • Especially helpful e.g. at the beginning of the marathon preparation and a control test two weeks before the competition

Performance Test info

  • Duration: 1 hour
  • When: Individual
  • Where: As desired (track, road, forest)

A level test starts with low load intensity and is increased at constant intervals over a defined distance until the load is exhausted (for exhaustion). After each exercise level, lactate is taken from the earlobe and the heart rate is recorded."    

– Benjamin schalanda

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