Personal Training with Coach Benny with a Watch in his hand.

Individual Training

Personal Training

You have limited time and want to make the best use of it? This is exactly what our personal training offers you. We guide your individual training and accompany you beyond the training session. Together we will monitor your athletic progress and performance development.

69,00 – 94,00 €

(per hour)

Product details

  • Training of general and functional athletics
  • Professional Personal Training indoor or outdoor
  • Strengthening of the primary and secondary muscle groups
  • Mobilization exercises, stretching and gymnastics
  • advice on nutrition, health and fitness aspects


  • Duration: 60 min (min. 1 session/week)
  • Term of notice: 4 weeks

The performance practices are designed and coached by Coach Benny. Through his experience and knowledge he has already led many hobby and professional athletes to success and now he wants to make this possible for you. 

Helping runners to achieve their goals

“The BTC Coaching has not only sparked a strong passion for running in me – but it also allows me to reach goals I never thought possible. The training brings structure but also a lot of fun – taking into account my professional and private situation. But the most important thing: it fits humanly, there is a lot of laughter, challenges, and support. BTC is training at a professional level for everyone”



Ciaran O’Leary



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Initial personal interview

Getting to know each other as well as consultation, anamnesis, agreement on objectives, and competition or annual planning.

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