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The Berlin Track Club Racing Team is a running team of ambitious runners who want to get the best out of themselves besides their job/studies.

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Racing Team

What have many professional athletes in running and triathlon been citing as their recipe for success for some time now? They surround themselves with a strong team. Teammates who are at a similar level, with whom they train and push each other every day. We have successfully tested this for over a year with a selected group and can confirm that this concept works just as well for ambitious runners as for professional runners.

Origin of the Racing Team

In 2019 the BTC Racing Team was founded by the brothers Sven and Björn. The target was to create a running team with ambitious runners, who are fully committed to the vision of the Racing Team.

A team that inspires and tries to push the sport of running forward in Germany. Team members who push each other before, during and after the sessions and thus become better together.

“We want to push the sport of running and show that running isn’t a sport for individual fighters, but a team sport.”

– Sven rudolph

The Racing Team not only offers a challenging and supportive training environment, but also encourages friendships beyond the training. Today the Racing Team offers the opportunity for ambitious runners in Berlin to train more professionally in a group. 


  • Will to improve yourself and your team mates
  • Pushing each other, no matter how things go
  • Being humble and train focused


  • Regular appearance at joint training sessions
  • 5 km – 17:15 min (M) 20:30 min (F)
  • 10 km – 36:30 min (M) 42:30 min (F)
  • Focus on 1.500m – 3.000m or 5 – 10km

The performance practices are designed and coached by Coach Brian, along with Coach Benny. In the FAQs you will find additional information about the time standards as well as other helpful information about the BTC Racing Team.


Test training

Fülle das Kontaktformular am Ende der Seite aus. Wir kontaktieren dich, und machen einen Termin für ein erstes Training aus.

Trial month without obligations

If you have a good feeling after the first training, you can train with us for one month for 9,90 € without obligation.

Everything's cool?

After a few training sessions together we chat and see if it fits from both sides. If it does, you will become part of the Racing Team!

„We foster a spirit of group training with athletes at the same and slightly higher zone of proximal development to improve to the next level of ability.“

– Brian Livingston

There is an additional one-time Aufnahmegebühr von 19,90 €.
The membership does not include the DLV starting right.It is in progress that this can be acquired optionally from us from 01.01.2021.

BTC Racing Team Scholarship

Berlin Track Club is committed to offering people of all economic backgrounds the ability to integrate running and training, at the highest levels, into their daily lives.

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A BTC Racing Team Member is…

  • Aspirational: Committed to improving
  • Selfless: Looks for opportunities to support and elevate team members
  • Team-minded: Puts the team needs ahead of their own
  • Coachable: Curious to explore their potential and able to incorporate feedback to get better
  • Optimistic:Despite adversity/injury remains hopeful and confident about the future

Das Racing Team zeigt Läufern wie es ist, in einem Team zu laufen und ermutigt sie, diesen Weg der Verbesserung zu entdecken. #traintogether #improvetogether

Any more questions?

Maybe you will find the answer to your question in the FAQ’s Otherwise you can write us a message..

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In order for us to get a better picture of you before your first training, it's helpful if you send us some information about yourself via the contact form.

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