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The BTC Running Team is a running team for ambitious runners in Berlin and around the world. Become part of the movement and show that running is a team sport!
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BTC Running Team

One running team, one community, one common goal. But runners with individual goals.In short: the BTC Running Team. 

Running is a team sport. We are convinced of this and we want to carry this spirit into the world, inspire runners and change the sport of running. In Berlin, in Germany and around the world.

Origin of the Team

In 2019, the running team with a focus on 1.500m to 10km was founded by brothers Sven and Björn. The goal was to build a team with ambitious runners who can fully identify with the vision of Berlin Track Club. Today, our focus is still on distances up to 10km, but we also have runners in the team who tackle longer distances.

We strongly believe that running is a team sport and want to inspire other runners to get faster.

“We want to push the sport of running and show that running isn’t a sport for individual fighters, but a team sport.”

– Sven rudolph

A running team from Berlin for everyone...

... who are looking for strong training partners

The Running Team is a strong team with team spirit. Our fastest runners run 31min (M) and 35min (W) for 10km. 

... who want to become better

It doesn't matter if you've only been running for a few months and want to rock new PBs, or experience a second spring (believe us, without the pressure to perform, a lot is possible - we have experience with some ex-pros on the team ;)).

... who want to be part of a movement and change the sport of running

If you don't live in Berlin and there are no cool running clubs in your city, but you want to make a difference, we have a solution for you: Become part of the Running Team and share the spirit in your area, and maybe even start your own local team. Berlin Track Club and the Running Team are all about teamwork and team spirit!

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This is how you can join the Running Team

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Send us a mail

Fill out the contact form at the end of the page so that we can get a first impression of you. We will contact you as soon as possible.

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Try it

For the duration of your trial month (10€) you will be invited to our internal Facebook group, where we communicate all important things. 

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After the trial month you decide if you want to become a member. If yes, we will send you the application form and further information.

Requirements for admission

  1. Largeaufen als Teamsport leben #traintogether
  2. Desire to become a better runner #improvetogether
  3. In addition, depending on your focus, you should be able to run the following time standards::
      • 1500m – M 04:37 // W 05:20

      • 3000m – M 10:15 // W 11:40

      •         5k – M 17:45 // W 20:00

      •       10k – M 37:00 // W 41:40

      • 21,1km – M  1h22 // W 1h32

      • 42,2km – M 2h50 // W 3h15 

If you are much faster than these times, it is also no problem. These are only the minimum times, faster is always possible:

btc laufteam position

The picture shows the performance spectrum that we can currently represent in the Running Team (benchmark are 10km times). Our main focus are the distances 1.500m to 10km, depending on the season.


What if I am too slow?

Currently, our offer of weekly training groups is limited due to capacity constraints with trainers.

You can find more info at the temporary running courses.

Can I be too fast for the team?

No. The running team includes runners from local to regional class. Some runners even scratch the national class and chase the standards for German championships.

Do I have to live in Berlin to be part of the team?

No! We offer a "virtual membership". It doesn't matter where you live. As long as you meet the requirements for admission and have the desire, you can become part of the Running Team and spread our vision and spirit in your area.

Of course you can then also start at road races for Berlin Track Club e.V.. And soon you will also be able to apply for the DLV Startpass through us and start for the Berlin Track Club at official track events and championships! We would celebrate it and push you as much as we can, e.g. via posts on our Instagram channel or in blog articles on our website.

Below you will find a list of the benefits of membership.

How do I join the team?

Fill out the contact form at the end of the page so that we can get a first impression of you. We will contact you as soon as possible.

For the duration of your trial month (10€) you will be invited to our internal Facebook group, where we communicate all important things.

After the month you decide if you want to become a member of the Running Team. If yes, we will send you the application form so that you become an official member.

Who writes the training plans?

The training plans for the Team are written by Coach Benny and Coach Brian The training plans differ in intensity and volume. Coach Brian's plan focuses on distances between 1,500m and 10km (depending on the season) and includes more time trials and races. All team members are free to choose which training plan they would like to follow.

Do I get individual coaching?

No. In the Running Team you have access to 3 different training plans that everyone trains according to. This allows us to do the tempo sessions together.

We also appeal to the independence and common sense of runners to listen to your body. When you are tired, you do a little less, when you want to achieve more, you do a little more. Of course, the coaches can always be asked!

If you are looking for completely individual training, the Running Team is not the right place for you, because we can't offer you that. But you can have a lot the offer of our friends from .

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A member of our team is…

  • a team player - Puts the team needs ahead of their own
  • curious - Will to discover own potential 
  • determined & ambitious - Will to improve
  • independent - In the Running Team it is up to you how much you can and want to train
  • optimistic Remain hopeful for the future even in the face of setbacks
  • humble - Even after strong performances, no one thinks they are better than anyone else

The membership fee can be paid quarterly, half-yearly or annually.

Additional to that, there is one-time admission fee of 25,00 € .
DLV starting right costs an additional 20,00 € per year.

All can actively shape the team

Running deserves more attention. Unfortunately, however, most athletics clubs in Germany are too old-fashioned and far too conservative to change anything.

We are in the process of redesigning that and want to everyone on the team to have the opportunity to actively participate! That's why a large part of your membership fee goes directly into the team treasury, over which every team member has a 100% say..

If someone has an idea that is in line with our vision or benefits the team, he/she can propose it with required budget. Then the team democratically votes on whether to implement the idea.

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We arecommitted to offering people of all economic backgrounds the ability to integrate running and training, at a high level, into their daily lives.

Note on coaching

The membership fee does not include individual coaching! There are different training plans, between which the runners can choose. In the Running and Racing Team all runners follow the same plans, if necessary with minimal adjustments. You can find individual coaching offers e.g. at our friends from

Want to join the Running Team?

If yes, fill out the form below. We will then send you an email from with the next steps. If you haven't heard from us after three days, check your spam folder or just send us an email.

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