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Group Training Summer Running Course

Summer Running Course 

You miss the target in your training? Improvements in running come through structure, motivation and continuity. This is exactly what our summer running class offers you. We will get you in top shape and call it off in a test race at the end of the running class.

159,90 – 219,90 €

(12 or 24 Sessions)

Product details

  • Race-specific training such as fartleks, tempo runs andinterval training
  • More efficient running through running technique training and running coordination exercises
  • 12 weeks basic training plan (for an individual training plan we recommend additionally Online Coaching with discount)


  • Start: 09.06. – 27.08.2020
  • Duration: 12 weeks
  • When: Tuesday & Thursday at 18:30
  • Where: Tiergarten (Show on Google Maps)

Helping runners to achieve their goals

“In the group, the tiredness from the workday quickly disappears and with the newly found friends you can work on your endurance and speed with a lot of fun. The legs seem to want to move on their own. The age is not important. You remain young in spirit.”



Antje Hoffmann

Berlin Track Club

We are all about teamwork and we show the world that running is a team sport. Let's change the game together!

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