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Text: Björn // Photos: Nele, Ignasi, Florens

März 7, 2020

The bar was set high

Mallorca, the island of cycling and bucket-drinking. Exactly this place we had chosen in winter 2019, at our annual team meeting, to have our second training camp there.

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adrian has a clear vision

“The second training camp was once again an improvement on the first. Not only the location and the weather but also the team made the week seem like a holiday, despite the efforts in training.”

– Noa Sehring

After the first training camp (in Panker) in September 2019, the expectations were of course high. “Will it be as funny? Will we also have insider jokes afterwards as we did after Panker?” Those were just some of my thoughts before the camp.

To get a rumor straight out of the way: we were not at the Ballermann, but near Manacor in the east of the island, about 45 minutes by car from Palma.

For me, it was the second time in Mallorca, but the first time I got to know the “beautiful” side of the island. And it didn’t disappoint me! I’m absolutely overwhelmed by the beauty of the island, which also has a lot to offer for runners. I have never been to Tuscany before, but this is exactly how I imagine the heart of Tuscany: green meadows, cypresses along the way and olive and citrus trees as far as the eye can see.

Majestic views during the runs

We didn’t only experience cool stories of the sessions but also while running. For me there were two highlights. The first was our first easy morning run. I have to take a short break for that: At the easy runs we left it up to everyone to take a lap directly from the house or to ride with Sven to his favorite track (he really loves it), the bike path from Manacor to Arta, but more about that later.

Let’s get back to my first highlight, the first-morning run. Flo and I set out to explore the area. On the plan was easy 8-10 km, in the end it became 15,5 km. But what was special about it: that morning it was very foggy and after we had run 2 km, the road climbed for about 2,5 km, passing feudal estates and farms, until we suddenly came out of the fog and saw the blue sky and the sun already high on the horizon. The moment was very impressive! The fog-covered valley looked like a sea breaking on the surrounding hills.

The fartlek was our second hard session on the training schedule and it already looked fucking tough on paper. Afterwards you could really feel and see the relief with all of us.

– Sven Rudolph

A bicycle path that was supposed to become a railway track

Besides easy runs, there were also four hard sessions during the camp. For me and I think also for a few others, the fartlek on the Via Verde, a nearly 30 km long gravel path from Manacor to Arta (Sven’s favourite route) was the hardest sessions during our stay.

The fartlek, as it was planned, really had everything to destroy you. The run was long, it was hot and you never really stepped off the gas pedal. Some of us had to suffer that day and I can imagine that one or the other left a piece of his soul there.

Sometimes you have to have pancakes

Unfortunately Nele couldn’t run anymore after the first run, where she slightly twisted her ankle. Of course this sucks and we all felt bad for her, but she didn’t let this drag her down.

Our training camp were some of the brightest days this year so far. So many smiles, laughs and good vibes made it feel like summertime.

– Nele Türp

Nele not only always ensured a good mood but also fed us with food. During the morning runs before breakfast she surprised us with breakfast buffets that are second to none. But also at lunch and dinner, she was in a good mood at the start! To top it all off, Nele also served us her famous pancakes. Until then I always had to be content with just looking at this delicacy on Instagram.

At this point a big thanks to Nele!

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